Success oblige, the Jardin des Plantes welcomes again this winter the Festival of lights which conquered so many visitors last year. However, another theme is on the agenda. This nocturnal and enchanting stroll invites you this time for an underwater odyssey. Ready for the big dive?
What a beautiful moment that the one imagined by the Museum of Natural History! Every evening, at nightfall, from November 18, 2019 to January 19, 2020, it invites visitors to discover a luminous pathway set up within the Jardin des Plantes. But this route is quite atypical because punctuated by giant installations, radiant with color and light. Grandiose and magical!
This year's theme takes young and old to the bottom of the oceans, to meet their inhabitants. From the tropical coastline to the icy seas of the poles, passing through warm seas and the depths of the abyss, you will come across a total of fifty monumental structures (some of them up to 100 meters high!). Known species or mysterious creatures, the walk explores the richness of the underwater fauna. If the idea is to fill your eyes with wonder (it is successful), the other goal of this exhibition is to raise awareness about the fragility of the oceans.
Are you visiting Paris for the end of year celebrations? Book your ticket for these illuminations without delay and without any hesitation, as they are becoming an essential event of the Parisian Christmas.
Tickets can be purchased and reserved online exclusively on the Museum's website:
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